*Orders will be taken for printing after full payment only.

Payment modes : Net banking / GPay / PhonePe. For further payment details contact us.


Order once placed cannot be cancelled hence be confirmed before placing an order.

As the jobs are printed in Gang Printing, 100% colour matching is not possible and there will be 30% of the colour variation when compared to the submitted file. If the customer needs the exact colour, the job will be taken as an individual job and the cost will differ from the price shown in our website. The designs that we see in the Computer Screens are in RGB and the job we print is in CMYK, there will also be a slight colour change because of the difference of these colour standards and technologies. Colour shade and printing changes as per Paper. This cannot be emphasised enough that Colour is not guaranteed and may differ each run. By placing an order with us you agree to this limitation. Under no circumstances will a reprint be honoured for colour variations that have occurred.


Colour and printing may not match in repeat jobs. The two main goals in gang run printing are substantial cost savings and pleasant colour matching. Our press operators balance the colours on all jobs so everyone has a 95% - 98% colour consistency. The dark cards may darken your card's image slightly whereas the light images may lighten the image.




Designs for all jobs should be in CDR, PDF and JPEG.

PDF is our preferred format.

JPEG provides good quality outcomes if the file is converted under certain specifications.

Text and vector images appear less sharp compared to PDF file format.


Design size should be as per final job size (90 x 53mm, 210 x 280mm etc). All-important matter in the design should be at least 4mm inside from all edges, so that important matter does not come under cutting. Provision for binding margin for jobs like Book wrapper, Bill Books, Receipts, etc. and extra space for Die-cut should be made within the final job size. All the time it is not guaranteed that the artwork will be placed near the Gripper even if it is requested. Design will not be edited by us. Job size should be from our standard product list only if not the price may vary.


All Drop Shadow, Contour, Blend, Bevel effects should be " break apart ", Convert all lens effect, Fountain Fill, Monochrome EPS, OLE object & images to 300 dpi CMYK bitmap.

For Copies more than 1,000 - first placement (up) in the set will not have any issue after printing. For 2-up, 3-up,....n-up the shadow will be shifted while ripping if Bitmap not done for Drop Shadow. This case is applicable for all Special effects.


Do not set colours as "Overprint Fill". Overprint is a way of combining colours when dealing with subtractive colour spaces such as CMYK. When you print non-transparent, overlapping colours, the top colour knock outs the area underneath. When used intentionally, overprint represents an additional way to create artwork that is visually interesting and distinctive. However, if overprint is turned on without your realising it, you will probably end up with prints that look significantly different from what you expected when designing them.

We shall not be held responsible for any Overprint setting in your artwork. Kindly do the self-check for any unwanted Overprint setting in your artwork.


Letters / texts colours must be formed by two colour combinations only.

You can create numerous great colours using different compositions of just 2 colours


For Black colour letters / texts colour ratio must be C:0, M:0, Y:0 & K:100.


The working CMYK profile must be U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2.

All colours in the design must be CMYK only.

Do not use RGB and pantone colours.


Maintain the total colour ratio less than 210% (Cyan+ Magenta + Yellow + Black < 210%),

if not, ink won't be dried soon and lamination problem exists in such case.


There could be wastage up to 3% of the ordered quantity.

Customer may get 970 instead of 1000, Similarly 485 instead of 500.

Note: Only few products have 500 as minimum quantity.


Product List and Rates may change any time without prior intimation.

Effort will be made to inform everybody.

Company reserves right to amend Product List and Rates anytime.


Sunday and other holidays are not considered as working days.

On the date of Delivery, Parcels will be handed over to the Transporter / Courier from our Office.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances and technical reasons rarely delivery time may change. Parcel will be well packed by us.

In rare cases there may be delay / mistakes / damage of the parcel from the transporter / courier in delivering the goods.

Company will not be responsible for it. Courier can be tracked in the Courier Company Website.

If cards / job not received within the usual delivery time Customer can raise a complaint in the Dispatch Department.


Job will be packed as per the availability of packing material.


Customers are requested to follow all the instructions given in Online Guide. Orange designer shall not be held liable for any of defect in printing outcome due to artwork sent not correctly prepared as per the advises and Instructions given in Online Guide, Customer are requested not to claim for any Reprint / Refund for the same.

If there is any defect in any job / card, amount will not be refunded at any cost. If Customer needs reprint in such case, the defected product must be handed over to the company.  Orange Designer reserves the rights to decide to reprint.

If there is any issue in the printed job / card, complaint must be raised within 3-4 working days from the date of product received.



Customer errors include incorrect file submission in accordance with our specifications, duplicate orders, customer misunderstandings of Delivery time, slight colour variances within 4-colour (CMYK) industry standards for pleasing colour and designs not within stated cutting and folding tolerances.


Orange designer cannot and does not check any submission for spelling, grammar or any other textual errors. The design will be printed as it appears in the file. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that all materials submitted for printing are formatted correctly and free of spelling or grammatical errors.

Orange designer does not recommend designs with borders due to the nature of our cutting. We cannot guarantee the bordered design will be perfectly centered after cut.

No compensation is offered for any of the above listed customer errors or for the below items:

Blank card


Incorrect card / job orientation

Crop marks

Folding out of spec

Hard to read

Mini image

Missing logo

No text

Colours out of the CMYK colour

Text or important images out of the safe zone

Texts not Curved

Bitmapping the Special effects


Visible template lines / Die lines

Contents out of safe zone in die-cut

Apart from these things, customer must take care of all other technical aspects in the design for flawless orders.



Printer placing order will be solely responsible for all the matter, text and images in the job given for printing.

Orange designer will not be responsible for it.

Orange designer reserves right to refuse any order without giving any reason.